April 10 – Concert at the City Bell Chamber Theater (La Plata). Denise Boudot (cl), Diana Gasparini (vla), Sebastián Boeris (pno). Works by Mozart, Schumann, Bloch and Bruch.

May 21 – Participation as a speaker at the Inaugural Panel of the XII Congreso Argentino de Psicoanálisis in Rosario. Topic: Limits – Transgressions – Transformations.

Date to be determined – Premiere of Interstices (2020) for solo piano, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola and cello. Ensamble DAMus-UNA. Conductor: Santiago Santero. Piano: Fernanda González.

Date to be determined – Recording of …presence (2020) for bandoneón. Bandoneón: Bruno Cabadas.

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