Sebastián Boeris (b. 1985) is an Argentine composer and pianist.


He holds two degrees in Musical Arts, oriented to piano and composition, granted by the National University of Rosario, where he studied composition with Dante Grela and piano with Gabriel Scampino. He has also studied composition with Gabriel Data, Marcelo Delgado, Jorge Horst and Luis Mucillo, modern harmony with Juan Carlos Silvera and piano with Alexander Panizza, Aldo Antognazzi, Víctor Cortés and Haydée Schvartz.


He has received grants for musical creation from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (National Art Funding), Instituto Nacional de la Música (National Institute of Music), Fundación Williams (Williams Foundation) and Mozarteum Argentino Foundation.


Among his works, we can mention music for solo piano, chamber music, choir, concerts for piano and harpsichord, orchestra and two chamber operas: “Antígona Vélez´s dilemma” and “A dream”.

In 2019 he won the First Prize of the Symphonic Composition Contest “Guillermo Graetzer” organized by SADAIC (Argentine Society of Music Composers and Authors).

His music has been edited by Stark Musikverlag (Leipzig, Germany).


He has performed in several concert halls in Argentina, Colombia, Brasil, Portugal and the United Kingdom; as a pianist in duets, trios, and quartets, as well as bands and ensembles of different styles, ranging from classical and contemporary music to rock and tango music.

He has been a member of the Sexteto Bonavena, a group that revalues and redefines the essence of tango in new compositions of the genre, since 2019.

Since March 2020 he has conducted the Neo Ensemble, an eight-musician ensemble whose purpose is to perform works of the XX and XXI centuries repertoire and new works of Argentine and Latin American composers.


He has been a member of the permanent staff of pianists of the Teatro Argentino of La Plata, Argentina, since 2016.


As a teacher, he has given Chamber Music lessons since 2015 at the National University of Rosario, Argentina.

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